Why You Should Blog As a Small Business

The pros of blogging is somehow comparable to what you benefit from any other online business strategy. The focus is always about dragging market towards you by exploiting what the internet can offer. After all the success of a business will depend how resourceful its marketing strategies will be. According to a HubSpot survey, 60% of businesses who blog gets to acquire more customers compared to those that do not. We have the listed some of the reasons why blogging is perfect for small businesses.


-Customer Engagement

For any online business, engagement with the customer is of high importance. Having an awesome content is not enough to get your audience engaged or involved. A two way interaction must be observed by communication by putting up a comment section on your blog. That way, you the blogger, will gauge what your customers interests are, what they want, what they need. Loyalty and deeper connection can also be increased by letting your audience know that you are listening and that you pay attention to them.


-Platform for Communicating With Customers

Your blog can be used for announcements about updates on your service. People do not really check their emails everyday, and your blog can get your message across and make sure that it reach your audience. Also, business promotional offers can be made known to your audience by posting it on your post. Through blogging, a business owner can give the audience further in depth insights about your company, you may share your stories, your employees, your philosophies. You can use this platform to let your customers know why you are your respective industry and how you can provide them your help and service.


-Builds Personality to your Business

Your blog, compared to your official business website is the place where a business owner can show a more humane and casual approach about your business. It can have a laidback and casual vibe that typical business websites do not portray. With this different approach, customers or your audience can feel that someone behind the business just like them is also a normal  human being that live and breathe just like everybody else.


-Search Engines and Leads

Search engines like Google keeps an eye on blogs and makes sure that the are always aware of  new or updated contents. Constant and periodical posting of blogs makes sure that you get these search engines attention, which means that you have higher chance of showing up in their search results, which will then lead to your business garnering more leads/prospects or in sweet layman’s term, customers.





-Blogging Is Generally Good for Your Wellbeing

Blogging boosts your confidence because customers will tend to look up to you, and respect you. Blogging makes you think and helps you to be spontaneous. Blog writing sharpens your brain and gets mental stimulation.  Blogging makes you a competitive leader and alleviates you from becoming a stagnant business owner that is ruled by the complexity of the competition of business. Blogging can also be fun, and it can very well be a form of releasing tension by taking being in control. Your blog, your call, you take the shots.